I am excited to announce the publication of my first book:

Alive like stone


Before you say, wait... stones are not alive? 

Consider the possibility that there may be more layers of meaning behind that than meets the eye. 

Alive like stone... feeling dead inside?

Alive like stone... are stones alive, and if so, how?

Am I alive, or could I become alive differently than I thought before? Maybe I have been asleep, letting my life pass by like a stone lying by the wayside.

Inspired by a true story. 

A journey that can take you across Scotland and to your very Self. 

From the publishers website: 


Alive like stone: a magical journey to Scotland

A mysterious envelope sends Kate on the adventure of a lifetime.

It looks like Kate has it all. She is successful and seems to have it all together. Nobody would suspect the truth: On the inside, Kate feels cold, numb, and like she has no purpose in life. Every day is the same, just another day to get through. One day, however, is different: a mysterious envelope appears in her mailbox and invites her to the adventure of her lifetime. The journey that follows is full of surprises. Some are hilarious, others rather dangerous. Kate needs to leave her comfort zone to get through some of the challenges, and discovers that leaving that zone isn’t such a bad thing after all.

The readers follow an interesting female character through the events of "Alive Like Stone" by Sarah Pachulicz, and learn many things alongside her. Together, the hero and the readers discover that some of the biggest obstacles are not on the outside, but inside people themselves. When Kate learns to believe in her own strength again, she discovers the magic and deep wisdom in everyday life. Her journey inspires readers to do the same: leave their comfort zone and discover something new (even if it is just a book from a genre they would otherwise not read).

"Alive Like Stone" by Sarah Pachulicz is now available from tredition or can alternatively be ordered by using ISBN 978-3-7439-4208-0. The main aim of the tredition publishing house is to provide young and unknown authors with the chance to publish their own books, and to offer cooperations to publishers and book sellers. Tredition publishes books across all media types, distributes them in the book industry, and also actively markets books since October 2012.

Additional information about this book can be found here: www.tredition.de